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Air Flow Strips

Air Flow Strips

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Elevate your car's style with our AirFlow Trim - a set of 10 sleek and chic car air outlet decor strips. 🚗✨ Personalize your ride effortlessly, adding a touch of fashion and elegance to your car's interior.

Choose from five vibrant colors - red, golden, blue, silver, and purple - to match your unique style. The high-quality chrome PVC soft material ensures not only a beautiful aesthetic but also durability for long-lasting use. 💫

Installation is a breeze! Simply cut the strip to your desired length, insert it into the air vent outlet, press, and voilà - your car gets an instant upgrade. The U-shape design adds a sophisticated touch to your car's interior decor. 🌟

Package includes:

  • 10pcs Air Outlet Decor Strips to transform multiple vents.
  • Optional: A handy brush for easy maintenance. 🧹

Revitalize your car's interior effortlessly with Air Flow Strips - where style meets simplicity. 🚀

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